Thank you to everyone who attended our grand opening celebration. What an amazing and historic night! In case you missed the building name revel, the "fabric" cutting with the Mayor, the House of Holmes fashion show or just want to relive it all, here's an overview complete with beautiful photos taken by our in-house photographer Ryan Walsh!

The event opened with a sign revealing featuring the new name for our 3-story, 23,000 square foot, City of Tempe building now called FABRIC...the Fashion And Business Resource Innovation Center. The name was inspired by The City of Tempe's BRIC (Business Resource and Innovation Center) building just down the street from us. It worked so perfectly!

Next, it was time for the "fabric cutting" which made so much more sense than a ribbon cutting! Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell and the entire City of Tempe government have been so supportive and it is such an honor to have them behind us.

Once the fabric was cut, attendees were welcomed in! Our courtyard included a bar, auction tables, and what fashion event would be complete without a step-and-repeat (logo backdrop) for attendees to take photos in front of? Our photography studio sponsor SAVAGE Universal in Tempe provided this one that Donna and Jill (the Tempe Economic Development Staff that have been so vital in helping us bring our vision to Tempe) are pictured in front of in this slide show.

Once inside, guests were treated to a bounty of food, drink from sponsors like Witnessing Nature , Confection House and more and auction items provided by the most wonderful vendors.

Guests were given their building "passport" and told to start their self guided tour around the new fashion headquarters building so they could discover everything that the building offers including manufacturing, design services, classes, event space, photography studio, sound rooms, screen printing rooms, co-working office space and more!

After the building tour, attendees were treated to a fun program emceed by TV personality Pat McMahon. Pat did a wonderful job explaining the complexities of the building and sharing the needs of the non-profit AZ Apparel Foundation and introducing the board of directors. The video that our in-house videographer David Miller of Primordial Creative produced about AAF was very informative and inspiring.

The evening wouldn't be complete without using our events/runway space to showcase the impeccable work of our in-house technical designer Tabitha Holmes of House of Holmes. The production of this show was top notch, but who would have expected any less of the production company ADV Productions and the runway coordination of Amelia Walsh and Christine Eastman. The music by our in-house sound engineer Matthew Townsend was the icing on the cake. And the hair and makeup by Luis Solis, Brandon Lee Dawley, Bre Van Bronckhorst, Marisol Valdez, Mayra Acuna, Kristopher Johnson, Ginger Champagne, Diana Anghelus, and Jonny Zaragoza of Bella Makeup was amazing. (Find all of these pros in our Directory)

Overall, it was really a magical night and it truly felt like history in the making. None of this would be possible without the support of all of the volunteers and sponsors that helped to put this together and continue to see our vision and help to make it a reality every day. It's impossible to thank everyone, but in addition to the sponsors shown above, we'd also like to give an extra special shout out to SLE Steve Levine Entertainment, Nacho Mommas Designs, Primordial Creative and ADV Productions for their support and volunteers like Jennifer Swanton, Ryan Johnson, Christopher Cole, Amy McNamara, Gail Friend, Calvin Lieberman, Paul Holmes and Susan Rice for putting countless hours of manual labor into preparing the building.

If you missed the event, we hope you can find time to visit us at FABRIC sometime soon so you can see it all in person. We are open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. The best day to get a personal tour from Amy, our in-house, volunteer tour guide, is Tuesday or Thursday. However, our in-house branding/marketing manager, Theresa of Nacho Momma;s Designs, created a very handy building "passport" available at the front desk for self-guided tours as well. And stay tuned while we roll out some of the additional programs and services that we will be offering at FABRIC including classes, seminars, design scholarships, events and more!

To get involved and support the programs and services offered by AZ Apparel Foundation, go to where you can make a donation, bid on some of the remaining auction items or name a room in our building.

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