New to the business? You know you need a Tech Pack for each of your designs, right? No? 
You need a fashion business consultation with LabelHorde Founder, Angela Johnson.  But, if you don't do that, you should at least purchase our Start Up Kit. 
Kit contains the things you need to make your design business legal in Arizona as well as information on sales, production/manufacturing, design and more. Kit contains power point lessons as well as important documents including Tech Pack Sheets. See below for details.

You'll learn how to get your Federal Tax ID number, Register your name, etc...
You'll learn how clothing is manufactured and how to find what resources are available to you here and in Southern California.
You'll learn how to properly market your business in the digital age on a budget.

Small Fashion Brand Start Up Kit


    Power Point presentation on the Design and Production/Manufacturing process so you better understand how garments are mass produced

    Power Point presentation on creating a cohesive collection that makes buyers want more

    Power Point presentation on Marketing in the digital age

    Power Point on general fashion business start up

    Info and forms regarding registering your business name

    Info and forms on the proper federal, state, city tax licenses as well as garment manufacturing license in CA

    List of government agencies to contact for different business needs

    How to write a Press Release and get free publicity

    List of important local and national fashion resources such as clubs, organizations, schools and fashion events

    List of helpful fashion related websites and books for sourcing

    List of small manufacturer/designers "must have" books and publications

    Production  and Design forms (including blank cutting tickets, sewing contracts, grading/markig forms, spec shets, fabric/trim sheets, vendor forms, and virtually everything needed for a proper tech pack)

LabelHorde is a directory of fashion businesses operating outside of typical fashion industry cities.

It is also part of AZ's fashion incubator building F.A.B.R.I.C. offering fashion education, design services, business incubation/acceleration, consulting, design studio, fashion supplies, co-working, apparel manufacturing, events and more. 

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