Rent an...

Industry PGM male or female dress

Or silver mannequin daily

Or Collapsible Rolling Rack

Please indicate in the notes of this transaction the date you want the item. You can pick up the item anytime on the day before you need it and bring it back by 9pm the day after.


Industry female size 8 PGM half body sewing dress form (no legs)

Industry male size 38 PGM full body form (with legs)

Silver female mannequin

Week rate: $100.00
DEPOSIT FOR EACH item (cc info will be taken at the time of pickup):
$300 dress forms

$100  mannequins

$50 rolling rack
The Deposit will be charged if/when the rental item is not returned in time or is returned with damages.


Pick up at our location. Address and map on Contact Page.

Rent a Dress Form, Mannequin or Rolling Rack for the Week

  • 4 weeks is the maximum limit for rentals of any dress forms.  After 4 weeks end,  the deposit will be charged and the deposit will not be refunded anymore. There will be no need to return the form.

    DAMAGES:  Includes but is not limited to stains, dirt spots, marks, rips, missing or loose pieces or breakage of the major parts etc...

    EXTEND RENTAL FEES: If the rental dress form is not returned back in time, the extend rental price of $300 will be charged accordingly(4 weeks is the maximum rental limit).

    By making this transaction, this means you understand and accept the rental terms above and take liability for the dress forms while in your possession.

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