Flats are the architectural blueprint of the garment you are making. Technical flats are a necessary step in creating a garment.

Learning to draw technical flats will help you save money and be a better designer.

This video lesson teaches you to draw flats by hand. 

Flats are part of your tech pack. 

Every design needs a flat sketch in order to be manufactured.


Flats serve the following purpose:

  • Help you figure out how much it will cost to make
  • Communicate the design by providing important information that the sample makers and manufacturers need to make your product
  • Indicate the type of seams, placement of seams, number of seams, top stitching, and design features
  • Indicate the number of pattern pieces, construction, and shaping of the garment 
  • Indicates the complexity of the garment
  • Shows the trim details
  • Shows the fit and intended ease of the garment
  • Provide instructions and information vital in making the garment
  • Help determine how much fabric and what trims need to be sourced 


What you'll need for this lesson:

  • Regular copy/printer paper 
  • Flat body template
  • Ruler (see through grid ruler is best)
  • Fine point pencil and eraser


You will recieve a link to watch this video lesson after making your purchase. The video will be available for you to rewatch as many times as you'd like.

Flat Sketching Video Lesson


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