Up to 60 Arizona fashion designers/brands, 60 models, and the best AZ hair stylists and makeup artists come together annually in one show to highlight the emerging, diverse, fashion community in AZ.

Join us as we attempt to orchestrate a virtual fashion show like NONE OTHER for 2020!

What an insane year it’s been!

Especially in the fashion industry! We are having to re-think everything, right!?!

One of the biggest hits our industry took is in Fashion Show Production. With entire Fashion Weeks cancelled and in-person events taking a pause we are left to find a creative way to navigate this new space for fashion marketing.

That is why we have decided that for this year’s annual LabelHorde Fashion Show will be going DIGITAL! That’s right, we are taking the show online and also… Around Tempe???? Yep! That’s what we said!


We’re developing a choreographed sequence that will follow our designer(s) model(s) in a story telling sequence that intertwines with one another through our local streets and show designers garments portrayed in more real-life scenarios to create an immersive show for the audience to see how they too can live their lives in

local designer brands. 


. Whether you're a active wear company that wants to show their model jogging, a plus-size socialite wearing a red carpet gown, or menswear being dashing in downtown, we want to tell a story while also immersing our audience into viewing all the wonderful brands and designers that make up our great local industry. 


We will divide the video up between different points of Downtown Tempe.

The specific places and transitions are currently being determined as we see what designers/product are participating and evaluate the best placement for everyone. Depending on the type of garment you are showcasing we will weave it into the story that best portrays the brand and helps grow the overall story in the video. We want to make this a fun way to be individual to each design aesthetic while still doing this show together in an organized way. 



-Once you've signed up and have been assigned a filming date/time, it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get to the filming destination with your camera-ready model in your garment. 

-Designer and Model must arrive hair makeup ready and either dressed or able to change easily onsite in public. 


We will be shooting 4 different days:

Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Sunday, November 15th, 2020

Mark these dates off from 7am to 9pm in your calendar now so that you are available to shoot. Once you've been assigned a date/time, you can remove the other dates from your calendar.

Here is an example of the timeline and transition flow we are forming to build our story board from.

Please note this is subject to change and only provides a snapshot into ideas how the models will transition/hand-off to the next model. 


The PREMIER will be a hosted online event taking place in F/W 20/21 when our typical show would take place. 

We hope you join us in this new fashion show experience!

Let's pave the way for the new era of fashion shows and tell our story TOGETHER. 




You will be filming on ONE of the following dates:

Saturday, October 17th, 2020 Between 7am and 9pm

Sunday, October 18th, 2020 Between 7am and 9pm

Saturday, November 14th, 2020 Between 7am and 9pm

Sunday, November 15th, 2020 Between 7am and 9pm

If there is a particular date/time that you already know you will not be available but you really want to participate, please email us to let us know now.


All locations will be in downtown Tempe, AZ. Specific assigned locations will be given to each designer/model after everyone has signed up and the line up is determined. Address's will be given with Time Slot Confirmations. It is the responsibility of each designer to have their garment prepped, ready, and fitted before film day/time. 


You don't need to make anything new! In fact, this show is meant to feature something from your current collection to represent what your brand does best. So, grab a garment out of your current collection and submit a photo to us in your application. That way we can best coordinate placement of your garment when finalizing story board. 

THE SHOW:              

The "Runway" Show:

Every year, approximately 60 Arizona apparel and accessory brands/designers participate in the LabelHorde Fashion Show to collaborate, network and show off Arizona’s amazing fashion industry. Each designer shows one signature look that best defines their brand.  Brands include everything from casual street wear, T-shirts, bathing suits and even underwear brands all the way to formal wear, wedding dresses and even pet and children’s clothing and accessory lines.




Fill out the Application and pay the participation fee by October 3rd, 2020. 

Once you’ve applied to be in this show online, you’re considered in (unless you don’t meet the requirements) and you’ve now committed to participate! Please wait for a confirmed film time and promptly mark in your calendar for your scheduled filming. Please check your email regularly as we will need to move quickly when confirming and scheduling time slots for up to 60 brands. 

 Runway Show Participation Fee:

  • $40 - Designers/Brands payable in application. Please submit your Business License/Tax ID number in application.


Provide your own model. We encourage you to use a professional model to best represent your brand and AZ's fashion industry. Many independent models with experience and models with agency representation can be found in our business directory at http://directory.labelhorde.com/ 

This event is meant to be a community collaboration that showcases all of AZ's brands, models, hair/MUA, so most models, hair/MUA waive their fees for this show. However, many designers/brands opt to pay their team so they know that they can rely on them.  How you form your team is up to you.


You are responsible for getting your model's hair/makeup ready. We encourage you to use industry professionals and many of them can be found in our business directory at http://directory.labelhorde.com/.

This event is meant to be a community collaboration that showcases all of AZ's brands, models, hair/MUA, so most models, hair/MUA waive their fees for this show. However, many designers/brands opt to pay their team so they know that they can rely on them.  How you form your team is up to you.


We will pull the info from the application to credit the designer/brand, model, hair stylist, and makeup artist in the video credits. The Designer/Brand name will be depicted during the time your garment is filmed on screen as well and a running credit at the end of the film. The models, hair stylists and makeup artists will be credited at the end of the film.



All participating designers/brands must have a legitimate Arizona-based business with proven sales selling either direct to consumer or in stores.  Be sure to have your Business License or TPT number handy when filling out the application/information sheet.

All participating designers/brands must be based in Arizona with all of the design, development and sales based in Arizona. Manufacturing outside of Arizona is only permitted if the design and development is done locally.

Graphic T-shirt brands are permitted to participate only if the graphics are Arizona/local based subjects/images that are also graphically designed by artist(s) in Arizona.  

All DESIGNERS/BRANDS, MODELS, HAIR STYLISTS and MAKEUP ARTISTS must have a listing in the LabelHorde directory because this is where the audience will be told to locate you if they like what they see in the show. Listings are FREE. To add yourself to the directory, go to www.labelhorde.com and click on Directory.

By agreeing to participate, you are also agreeing to help promote the online premier of this video. You will find event links/graphics and a press release below to share on social media, in your newsletters and with your networks. We will be making and sharing graphics for social media to also help with promoting the event for all of us. 


OCTOBER 3rd, 2020

If you are an ACCESSORY DESIGNER, it is required that your model wears a simple black outfit so that the jewelry/accessories are the focus. It is between you and your model on who will supply this outfit. Please stick to simple black pants or leggings and black tank or T-shirt or a simple black body conscious dress so it is obvious that the focus should be on the accessories and not the outfit.



In 2003, the first LabelHorde Fashion Show (originally called the LabelHorde Fashion Ball) was a celebration and showcase of the AZ fashion community and a way to unite all local industry professionals. Each year the event continues to feature 60 of AZ’s designers/brands each showcasing one signature look on their own model. 60 designers, 60 models, and 30+ of the best hair/makeup artists in the valley collaborate to celebrate and showcase AZ’s industry which includes every category of fashion from T-shirts to wedding dresses at every stage of growth from emerging to established brands. At the turn of the century, this show and the LabelHorde directory were the sparks that ignited the AZ fashion industry before it became SEW HAUTE!



Downloadable marketing materials below to help make this the best show yet!

Use hashtags #LabelHordeFashionShow #HauteAZ #GrowAZFashion

Tag us on @LabelHordeFashion and @FabricTempe

LabelHorde is a directory of fashion businesses operating outside of typical fashion industry cities.

It is also part of AZ's fashion incubator building F.A.B.R.I.C. offering fashion education, design services, business incubation/acceleration, consulting, design studio, fashion supplies, co-working, apparel manufacturing, events and more. 

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