Please note: We require 24 hour advance notice to reschedule or cancel with a refund.

All services are by appointment only.
Most services can be scheudled over Zoom/Skype. 

I understand the risks of visiting FABRIC and do so under my own volition. I have read and understand the CDC’s documentation on how to prevent getting sick and agree to the following each time I enter FABRIC.

•    I will go through health screening and have my temperature taken upon entering. 
•    I will not come to FABRIC if I have any symptoms include coughing, headaches, a fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, and fatigue.
•    I will follow all suggested personal sanitizing procedures available in the FABRIC lobby.

Packages/Hire the Expert

DIY Ala Carte

  • Step 2: Everything you need to know before you manufacture.

    1 hr 30 min

    300 US dollars
  • Meet with our staff to estimate costs for your design.

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • We'll draw your 1st draft design flats for your idea

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • We'll spec your garment for you

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • We'll find wholesale fabrics and trims that best fit your design

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • Step 3: Meet with an expert help after consultation

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • Review design details, fit, & materials.

    30 min

    40 US dollars
  • Design a print for fabric with our expert textile designer

    1 hr

    75 US dollars

LabelHorde is a directory of fashion businesses operating outside of typical fashion industry cities.

It is also part of AZ's fashion incubator building F.A.B.R.I.C. offering fashion education, design services, business incubation/acceleration, consulting, design studio, fashion supplies, co-working, apparel manufacturing, events and more. 

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