# 1 Learn How Things Work at FABRIC

Watch these videos to learn what makes our fashion incubator so unique.

Join Our Weekly Group Zoom Tour

Still feel like you'd like to learn more and see the space?
Join us every Friday at 10am for a Zoom Tour of our facility.
Get a sneak peek at the manufacturing, meet the staff, check out the spaces and learn your way around.

#2 Book a Design & Manufacturing Consultation

We can help you with design development and even provide you with no-minimum manufacturing, but we can only do that when you are a knowledgeable partner in the process. So, to work with us, we ask that you invest in yourself and learn some things first. What you don't know could result in serious issues and could even put you out of business. Learn about your roles and responsibilities as well as the obstacles and common mistakes. We'll also provide you with dozens of documents that you can use to stay organized including cost sheets, contracts, sourcing worksheets, spec sheets and more. And you'll get notes and important information on textiles, seams, terminology, and more.

#3 Show Us What You Want To Make

You'll need a technical drawing called a flat so we know every detail about your design.
You can either hire us to draw your flat or you can learn to draw flats.
You'll need to upload your flat into your client folder created during your consultation and then send us an email to let us know its there.
Then you skip the flat and show us your sample  Our pattern maker will reverse engineer it. 
If you have anything you want to change about this garment, you'll need flats so we know exactly what you want.
Mail it to us or drop it off at our front desk in a bag labeled:
To: Uli
From: Your brand name
Your name
Your Email and Phone Number
A note that reads: "I would like to use this garment as inspiration for my pattern/sample. Looking for an estimate on pattern making and sample sewing"

#4 Measurements

You'll need to provide exact measurements for every point of measurement on your garment.
These are called SPECS.
Take our Spec Lesson so you know how to properly measure a garment. You'll need this skill throughout the design and manufacturing process so you can check our work and communicate fit revisions.
Specing a Garment Video Lesson

Specing a Garment Video Lesson


#5 Material/Trim Sourcing

You'll need to find suppliers for your materials and trims with low minimums. 
FABRIC has a FREE material/trim sourcing library where you can start. it's open M-F 9am-5pm. 
You'll learn about additional ways to source and what questions to ask about the materials in the consultation. You'll also get fabric/trim worksheets and other documents to keep this information organized.
First, you may want to learn about textiles so you can speak the language when you're sourcing.
Having trouble? You can hire us to source each item for you.

#6 Costing

Looking for a price estimate? 
You'll learn how to cost your own garments in the Design & Manufacturing Consultation.
We can provide you with rough estimates on pattern making and sample sewing once you've got flats (or an inspiration sample). 
But the cost of the garment also includes:
Pattern grading @ $8/pattern piece per size jump
Cut Markers @ $3/pattern piece
Cutting @ $7/pattern piece (stack cuts)
Sewing @ $1.50/operation (100 pcs+)   |   $4.50/operation for samples
Materials & trims
It's possible to make a rough estimate of these costs if you know how many pattern pieces your design has, #/type of seams/operations it has, how many sizes you are making and how many pieces you want to manufacture in each size. However, these calculations take time. We charge $75 to estimate these costs with you.
You'd learn how to do this yourself in our Design & Manufacturing Consultation.