Phx Start Up Series

Today I went to 3 seminars at Phx Start Up Week hoping to learn how I can get funding or even government support for LabelHorde…after all, LabelHorde is filling a need, offering assistance/education/consulting to countless local fashion brands, hoping to keep fashion manufacturing in AZ, hoping to keep and bring jobs to AZ in fashion, etc… This is something that a city/state should support and IS supporting in other states (see this article from this past Saturday: ) I made some amazing connections and met a lot of people that could potentially help. Now, I just have to

What happened in our Incubator Just in Week 2?

This article in the AZ Republic came out about how the fashion industry doesn’t bring in any significant money to the AZ economy. Luckily, we had the opportunity to share that LabelHorde’s mission is to change that and that the ultimate reason we started LabelHorde was because we watch local brands leave the state and spend their money in California manufacturing their collections when they could be staying in AZ and spending their money here. Thankfully we’ve had the opportunity to move into the Diego Milano Sew Haus and now we can change that and start offering manufacturing to the local brands and provide jobs to the workers and keep this money in the state. We are starting with incubati

We Moved Into a Factory!

If you’ve been following along on social media, you know that we’ve had a busy week. If not, allow me to fill you in! Fifteen years ago, I moved back to AZ from LA and was forced to close down my clothing brand monkeywench due to lack of manufacturing resources in AZ. From that moment on, I’ve been on a personal mission to help start a fashion industry so other designers didn’t have to experience the same fate and so that the students who graduated from all of the AZ fashion programs didn’t have to move away to find jobs. I started by providing the newsletter and a fashion directory that eventually led to more services including an events calendar and a classifieds page all on www.labelhorde

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LabelHorde is a directory of fashion businesses operating outside of typical fashion industry cities.

It is also part of AZ's fashion incubator building F.A.B.R.I.C. offering fashion education, design services, business incubation/acceleration, consulting, design studio, fashion supplies, co-working, apparel manufacturing, events and more. 

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